10% Off Velvet We Love (That’s Not Red OR Cake)

The Deal: Velvet for fall (and winter) — 10% off plus free shipping on Boden’s winter line

The Lowdown: In August – despite the fact that it was a million degrees — we were thinking ahead and reported that velvet would be a hot trend for fall. Now that the weather is a little more appropriate we’re revisiting that thought — and have decided that if nothing else, a luxe velvet coat might just be our favorite way to indulge in the trend (and give it a supporting role rather than swathing ourselves in velvet from head-to-toe). Boden is a terrific (if sometimes too pricey) winter-wear source, assuming you shop when there’s a discount AND free shipping, like right now. The selection isn’t vast but what they have is generally classic, quality and gets good reviews from other shoppers. And speaking of reviews, something we love? Boden asks reviewers to include some details about themselves — specifically size, shape, height, age, etc., making it a whole lot easier to decide if their great (or terrible) review might actually be relevant to you.

Shop: Boden’s Winter Line and Free Shipping

Our Picks:


1. Elegant Velvet Jacket, $138
2. Velvet Party Coat, $168.00


3. Velvet Peacoat, $138.00
4. Washed Velvet Coat, $218.00

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