Post Superbowl Eco Tip- 10 Things To Do With Beer (Besides Drink It)

Most of us just pour our leftover beer down the sink. However, there are several useful (and eco-friendly) ways to put that unwanted beer to use.

10 Things to do with Beer (other than drink it):

  • As an Organic Pest Killer. OK, it sounds morbid, but slugs are an organic gardener’s arch nemesis. Rather than hunt the little suckers down and burn them with salt (very gross to watch), give ’em a cool, refreshing one and they’ll at least die happy. Take a jar (spaghetti sauce jar or something similar with a pinched mouth that won’t allow a small amount of beer to spill out when lying on its side) and pour in a small amount of beer. In the garden, put the bottle on its side so that the mouth is accessible to the slugs.
  • Bring the shine back to your wooden furniture. Lightly dampen a microfiber cloth with a flat beer. Rub gently onto wooden furniture.
  • Remove those stubborn stains. Next time you spill grape juice on the carpet, try this trick: dampen a cloth with club soda and gently dab the stained carpet. Then dampen the cloth with light beer and repeat the process of dabbing the stained carpet. Finish with a carpet steam cleaner to easily pull the stain and lift the odor from the carpet.
  • Gold polish. Soak your gold necklaces, bracelets and rings in a bowl of beer. Remove and polish with a dry cloth. .
  • Live bee free. Have you ever spent camping trips or barbecues swarmed by bees? Not our idea of a good time. Try this little trick: fill a few small bowls or containers with beer and set around the perimeter of your barbecue or campsite. The bees will be attracted to the beer and less interested in your food.
  • Bring the green back to your lawn. Pesky brown spots on the lawn? Pour some beer on that brown spot and within days it will turn green. The ingredients in beer promote the green growth.
  • Make beer bread. With one 12 ounce beer and a bunch of other ingredients you have lying around the house, you can make easy, impressive beer bread. Check out this recipe from
  • A hoppy beauty treatment. After washing your hair, massage a cup of warm beer into your scalp. Wrap a towel around your hair and let it sit an hour before rinsing.
  • Fertilize. This is a great use for all those half drunken bottles left over after a party! Pour them on your house plants or garden. The yeast is a wonderful fertilizer.
  • Marinade your meat. Beer makes a great marinade for chicken, beef or seafood!
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  1. Katie says

    You can “plant” moss by putting a piece of moss you like in a blender with beer, blending it, and pouring it out on rocks or areas where you’d like moss. The beer feeds the moss. I saw this on “The Garden Home” TV show. Can’t wait to try it this spring!

  2. parents palace says

    As for your hair treatment…you should boil the beer for awhile. This will get rid of the alcohol in it, which will only dry out your hair. Once the alcohol is out, then you can mix it with a cup of your fav shampoo : ) It will leave your hair shiny and full of life. For articles on awesome uses of bleach and baking soda visit my blog:

  3. Anonymous says

    Bees do not swarm around camp sites and BBQs! Bees go after pollen in plants and flowers, not meat. The yellow jackets or wasps are the ones coming after the meat at the campsites and BBQs!

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