TBF readers are influencers and active consumers, who make the purchase decisions in their households. They turn to TBF for advice on products that help them live great lives on a budget.

Demographics at a Glance

Average Page Views: 730,000- 900,000 (varies according to time of year)
Unique Visitors: 250,000 (summer months) to 300,000 (fall and winter)
• In the top .003% of blogs on the web (Technorati, Dec. 2013)
• Google Page Rank = 4
• 3.9% on site click thru rate – more than four times the industry average

Newsletter Demographics

Subscriber Base: 15,000
Open Rate: 22,4%
Click Thru Rate: 12.0%

Women: 94%
Age: 54% are 22-45 years of age. (16% of readers are 50+ years of age, 27% are 16-21 years of age)
Median Annual HHI: $69,000 (32% of readers have annual HHI greater than $100,000)
Average Monthly Shopping Budget: $363.23

More Demographics- 93% of our readers are the primary decision makers regarding purchases in their household
- An above average number of African-American and Asian_American
- Top Metropolitan Areas
New York MSA
Los Angeles MSA
Chicago MSA
Dallas/Fort Worth MSA
Boston MSA
Atlanta MSA
Minneapolis/St. Paul MSA

Favorite Stores:Costco, Target, Amazon, Gap, Nordstrom, Forever 21,, Asos

Rate Card

The Budget Fashionista offers the following IAB Standard size creative units:
728 x90

Site Rates (minimum 100,000 impression purchase)
$10 CPM for below the fold ad units
$30 CPM for above the fold ad units (add $5 for rich media, including animation)

$45 CPM for Dedicated Email
$15 CPM for newsletter 300×250 ad
$2 incremental CPM for geo-targeting and time of day targeting

Additional Advertisement Opportunities:
Sponsor Posts: $2,000
Contests: Start at $2,500