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“The Budget Fashionista is the real deal. Where else can you get a podcast with Iman about shopping at Wal-mart alongside wardrobe advice for Sarah Palin? Eclectic, hard-to-obtain content like this is the key for a media brand, and TBF nails it.”
Guy Kawasaki
Bestselling Author, Venture Capitalist

“The Budget Fashionista and its family of online publications are tops in their field, driven by the authenticity of Kathryn’s mission and vision. Simply put, TBF has got it figured out – it consistently brings quality content to its readers and podcast listeners in a way that is compelling and valuable. TBF is one of the rising – no, the risen – stars of new media.”
Charlie Kondek
Director of New Media Relations
MS&L Interactive Marketing

“The Scheherazade of the Sales Rack”
—Washington Post

“I have done extensive research about various aspects of contemporary marketing for a forthcoming book. In this capacity I have interviewed Kathryn and have had numerous exchanges since. I am convinced that she is a rare talent, enormously smart and articulate, and is blazing new paths re online communications relating to the world of fashion and women’s apparel.””
Lee Eisenberg
Former EVP Lands End
Former Editor in Chief, Esquire Magazine
Author of the New York Times Bestseller “The Number”

“In my role as Vice President of Finance for The Geier Group, many strategic plans and financial proposals from businesses come across my desk. What I have learned over the years is that for a new business to be a success, it has to have a clear vision of what it wants to be, while at time same time still maintaining the ability to adapt to market realities. TBF Group not only has a solid business model and media platforms, but more importantly, its founder and CEO, Kathryn Finney and the Simply Good Media Team, has both the vision and skill to implement successful, long-term growth strategies. Given the economic times, what more opportune product is there than Budget Fashionista to appeal to the consumer? Simply put, Kathryn knows her stuff!”

Juliana Mardones
Vice President, Financial
The Geier Group

“The Budget Fashionista reaches those who are influencers in their community as it relates to shopping, fashion, and where to find the best deals. Ultimately this audience is a must for any retail client looking to advertise to a consumer savvy audience.”
Alison Brehme
Senior Media Planner

“As a founder that has spent more than ten years in the women’s lifestyle space, I know the digital fashion media category well. There is no other media property in the space that knows the internet, has the longevity, and delivers both to the audience and brands like Simply Good Media. They are an established property with the respect of all elements of its market—internet, media, entertainment, retail and advertising business—and run an outstanding operation that focuses on value above anything.”
Patricia Handschiegel
9 Transmedia

“We are always happy to partner up with The Budget Fashionista….. Their audience is active and content top notch!”
Dina Vathis
Big Honcho Media

“The Budget Fashionista/SGM is a leader in the online community and it’s clear they understand how to create quality content that engages their readers”
Allen Stern
Founder and Editor, CenteredNetworks

“Now more than ever, the Budget Fashionista is an invaluable resource for those of us who have Barneys taste without the bank account.”
Jessica and Heather
Authors and Founders,